Infinite Opportunities

This is something that I liked. It is a quote by Marc Andreessen (One of the founders of the Netscape browser). He says something to this effect - "As long as human beings are there, they will have infinite needs and wants; And so long there are needs and wants, there will be scope for growth of new businesses, new industries and need for human capital." So, there will be some new skills that will come into play and some old ones may be relegated to the background.

Knowledge built upon knowledge

We have moved from the "Stone Age", through the "Iron Age", to "Industrial Age" to the "Information Age". So, what next?

Is it the "Conceptual Age" ? As put forward by many others and then the followed by "Wisdom Age"?

Conversation Emails

New technology is changing our world. It is now common to have a recording device inbuilt into our mobile phones which can record our conversations. Another button can be added, which will convert the conversations to text and then store it in the mobile, or email the same to the participants in the conversation. This will have many interesting effects. We can always catch someone who has not kept his words, or use convesations as contracts!