3 memories - 2012

After the last few hours of 2012 that are left have passed by, we will bid good bye to this year and the whole world will be celebrating the advent of the New Year. While there is nothing wrong in celebrating the New Year, I feel compelled to introspect on the year gone by, to analyze the sharp turns encountered, the joys it brought along, the failures it popped, the misgivings it handed and the moments of wonders that managed to freeze in our memories. I would like to pen a few good memories of 2012 that remain with me.
This year would definitely go for me as one of the most magical and enchanted one where I could re-live my childhood. I could see how a baby goes from a crawl to wobbly step to an uncertain gait to a confident walk and run. How a toddler looks at everything with awe. How a child learns to speak. Sharanya, my 2 year old in fact was late in taking her baby steps. She started to walk only at 14 months. It was a joy to watch her transform from taking baby steps holding my hands to running gleefully now without care. Her baby talk smoothened out to become quite clear and mellifluous over the year. Never was such a day this year that did not bring her the joy and wonder of discovering something new. Even simple things like knowing that the red ball like thing is called a tomato would capture her greatest attention.  Mindfulness is what she personified when doing anything. And these experiences are the greatest gift that the year has given us to cherish in our memory.
As with everything, the year will go by and Sharanya will also grow up. We will be left with reminiscence and gratitude.
This year also presented me with a joy of running my first half marathon. Talking of running, I took to it last year, but the running bug really bit me this year. I am grateful that I could practice well for over 6 months and was able to run the half comfortably. The joy and exhilaration of doing the unthinkable (running for me was) cannot be expressed in words. One needs to run and get into the zone to understand it.
This year also gave me chance to meet several interesting people from who I could learn fortitude and persistence. I met this young boy whose father lost his job when he finished his 12th. Due to financial hardship he had to discontinue his studies. He had to go in search of job to fend for his family. He did all kind of odd jobs. While doing that, he completed a computer course and then enrolled in a distance learning graduation course. Finally, he was able to complete the 3 years graduation course in 5 years. He then cracked the entrance test for post graduation, but as luck would have it, since the results of graduation was not out, he could not take admission. He lost that opportunity and one more year, but he did not lose his determination. He came back again next year, cracked the entrance test again to do post graduation in a college. Even while doing his post graduation, he fell sick and lost one more year. Finally, he is going to complete his college the next year. Salute his grit. Reminds me of Maya Angelou's quote - “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”
The year was composed of several such memorable moments. I am sure the New Year will present its inspiring memories that are worth recounting.

Think More, Say More, Do More

From childhood, we have been conditioned to say less. "Keep quiet" is what our teachers tell us in classroom. Stop chattering is what our elders tell us. You have been given two ears and one mouth. Hence listen more and speak less. This speak less dictum has so permeated our lives that we remain mute spectators even when someone perpetrates injustice. We remain silent observers when someone is victimized. Yes indeed, we need to Say More. Saying more may not directly translate to speaking more. It would rather translate to airing our views and opinions on various issues.
Words emerge from our thoughts. It is the distilled thoughts that form concrete words. Now, to say more, we need to think more. Think right and think more. Sometimes, thinking is a difficult thing to do. We shun it. We speak without thinking. And then repent. Hence think more.
Again, action speaks louder than words. Hence we should do more. Do more of what we love to do. Do more of what interests us. Do more to help others. Do more than we are required to do.
Think More, Say More, Do More.
This blog is inspired from an essay by RaamDev, writer and explorer, on Say More.

How Winners Are Made

It is here. It is now. Never before was the time, never again will this time come. It is this fleeting minute that has to be seized. Action has to be taken. Action is the consummation of a moment. Action is the propeller towards our goals. Without action, nothing is possible. Achieving any goal, small or large, needs persistent action, every minute and hour, day after day, week after week and months together, depending on the magnitude of the goal.
All large goals can be broken down to smaller chunks of actionable targets, that are achievable and within reach. Completing smaller targets gives a boost to the confidence and makes the larger goal look feasible. Small wins breaks the ice. It dispels inertia. It urges us to pursue the next target. It develops the winner's mentality. 
The power of action comes from the fuel of thought. Positive thoughts coupled with motivation produces the right action. Each time we take the action against various odds; it instills discipline and over a period of time forms a pattern that is morphed into a habit.
So, have a goal. Break it down. Take action now. Reach the target. There may be some failures as well. It is inevitable. Reflect on each failure. Do course correction. Collect small wins. Series of small wins leads to large victories. This is how winners are made.