50 Good Habits

Daily Habits
Good Habits

Habits are behavior that becomes second nature to a person. They help make our lives easy and effortless. There are as many good habits as there are sand grains on a beach. Some of the good habits are universal and some are local, pertaining to the cultural milieu of a particular land. Here is a list of 50 good habits:

1.    Wake up early in the morning 
2.    Exercise daily

3.    Drinking 2 litre of water every day 
4.    Eating fruits and vegetables daily
5.    Saying thank you 
6.    Reading few pages of a book every day 
7.    Maintaining a daily journal 
8.    Daily Meditation 
9.    Practicing affirmations 
10.  Practicing Gratitude 
11.  Practicing forgiveness 
12.  Saying a prayer daily 
13.  Keeping in touch with family and friends 
14.  Self grooming
15.  Sleeping early
16.  Saving power by switching off electric appliances when not in use 
17.  Saving paper
18.  Saving water
19.  Doing errands by walking around 
20.  Cycling instead of motor bike 
21.  Using public transport instead of a private car
22.  Volunteering once a week for any social cause 
23.  Picking up your own trash 
24.  Making your bed every morning 
25.  Washing your own dish
26.  Creating a to do list each day
27.  Reviewing your goals each day
28.  Practice mindfulness 
29.  Single tasking 
30.  Complimenting others 
31.  Encouraging others 
32.  Limiting time on smart phone and internet
33.  Visiting family and friends 
34.  Brushing and flossing your teeth daily 
35.  Taking daily bath, especially in warm countries 
36.  Giving alms to the needy
37.  Practicing small random acts of kindness 
38.  Remembering names 
39.  Listening to audio books while driving 
40.  Being proactive 
41.  Goal setting 
42.  Prioritizing the tasks 
43.  Tipping service people 
44.  Listening attentively 
45.  Greeting every one you meet with a warm smile and big hello 
46.  Eating small meals
47.  Reading newspaper daily
48.  Limiting television viewing
49.  Speaking the truth
50.  Introspecting your day 

The key to forming habits is self discipline. Start small. Conquer the habits one by one.

What are some good habits that you would recommend?


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