A chat in a mall

A man was walking in a mall. He went up to a beautiful woman and said, "Hello, could you talk to me for a few minutes?". The woman was taken aback. She said, "Excuse me, why would I talk to you just like that?". He said, "Well, my wife is lost and it will take an hour for me to find her in this mall. But if you talk to me for a few minutes, she will find me immediately!"

This is a story which I heard from a guy called the nice Osama on youtube.

Asking Questions

Nobel prize winning scientist Isidor Rabi told how he became a scientist. When he was a child, every day after he returned home from school, his mother would enquire about his school day. After he told all that happened in school, she would ask, "What is the most difficult question that you asked in school today?". Asking questions, he became a scientist.

Ham and Eggs

A Pig and a Chicken met at a bar. They became very good friends over a few drinks. Over a glass of beer they would discuss many things about life, work and love. One day, the Chicken proposed to the Pig, "Why dont we strike out on our own?". "Thats a good idea", said the Pig. They debated over what could they come up with. They were smitten by the entreprenuership bug. After a few more evenings, they decided, they would open a restaurant. They started searching for a name for their start-up. The Chicken proposed, "Why don't we name it Ham & Eggs?". Both were quite satisfied with the name and left for the night.

The next evening, the Pig came to the bar, very sad and disheartened. The Chicken was in his jovial mood. When the Chicken asked the Pig what was the reason for his mood, the Pig said, "See, in our project, you are just involved. But I am committed". The Chicken could not understand, so he demanded an explanation. The Pig said, "Look, for the eggs, you will come, lay an egg, cackle and make a hue and cry about it and leave. But I will have to give my life to get the Ham".

Well, it may so happen that in your projects, you will have Chickens and Pigs - people who are just involved and people who are committed. What type of people do you want to be in the projects?

On putting your point across

It may so happen that you are required to make a speech or a presentation some time. You may use this small, but effective tip for the same.

This was something someone had told me long time ago.

He said, making a speech is simple.It consists of 3 parts.

A) Start with telling the audience, what you are going to say.
B) Then tell them what you want to say.
C) Then tell them what you have told.

Isn’t that pretty simple?

Ego in Check

In a small village in India, lived a pundit. A pundit is a brahmin, who is learned in various religious texts and earns his living by teaching religous texts and giving discourses to anyone who is interested. He was a very simple fellow. He used to go out every day to nearby villages to give discourses. His family comprised of his wife , a pious lady and a son, a student at the village school.

Every evening, the pundit would pass the village chowk, while returning to his home. At the chowk, the village chief who would be sitting with his band of followers, making mockery of people who pass that way. The pundit would give them a smile and walk on his way. One day, as he was returning home, the village chief told him, "You may be a pundit, but your son does not know value of anything!". As usual, the pundit did not care, gave his usual smile and walked away. This became a daily routine. The chief and his band, would make fun of the pundit every day.

One evening, the pundit decided that he would ask his son why they were saying so. So, he went home and told his son whatever he was hearing. The son gave him a smile and said, "Every day, when I return from school, the village chief shows me 2 coins - a gold and a silver one, and he asks me to take one. Each time, I take the silver coin". Then the chief becomes very happy and tells everyone around,  " Look, didnt I tell you so. The pundit's son is a fool. He does not know what is valuable...and every day, the same game continues".

The pundit asked him, why did he not pick up the gold coin? The son took him to his room. He opened a box, showed him many silver coins and said "If I ever pick up a Gold coin, the game will stop. As long as I keep the chief happy by proving him right, even though it means I have to subdue my ego, I will keep earning the silver coin for as long as the game continues".

Well, it may so happen that in your daily life, you may face many similar situations. As long as you keep your ego subdued, and keep the other person happy, you can keep minting the silver!

Infinite Opportunities

This is something that I liked. It is a quote by Marc Andreessen (One of the founders of the Netscape browser). He says something to this effect - "As long as human beings are there, they will have infinite needs and wants; And so long there are needs and wants, there will be scope for growth of new businesses, new industries and need for human capital." So, there will be some new skills that will come into play and some old ones may be relegated to the background.

Knowledge built upon knowledge

We have moved from the "Stone Age", through the "Iron Age", to "Industrial Age" to the "Information Age". So, what next?

Is it the "Conceptual Age" ? As put forward by many others and then the followed by "Wisdom Age"?

Conversation Emails

New technology is changing our world. It is now common to have a recording device inbuilt into our mobile phones which can record our conversations. Another button can be added, which will convert the conversations to text and then store it in the mobile, or email the same to the participants in the conversation. This will have many interesting effects. We can always catch someone who has not kept his words, or use convesations as contracts!