Vehicle Registration Process at Kukatpally RTA

So, we (My wife and I) purchased this Honda Activa from a dealer in January.  While I collected the scooter from the dealer on the day of the purchase, they asked me to come on the next day to collect the temporary registration papers. The next day, I got the original retail invoice, insurance copy, a form 22, form 20 and form 21, PUC certificate, temporary registration number and registration tax receipt. The guy at the dealer asked me to give him Rs 1000 to get the permanent registration done.  Since I did not have enough cash, I asked him if I can give it later. He gave me the contact number of a person and asked me to meet him with the money and the documents along with identity proof and address proof at the Kukatpally RTA office.

The Kukatpally RTA is quite near to where I stay. So, instead of going through the agent, I decided to try it on my own.  On a fine morning around 10 am, wife and I went to the RTA office. I went to a person who was sitting outside with a pile of forms and generally guiding people.  I asked him regarding registration and he pointed to a board which had the list of documents. I checked the papers I had with us. It had all the listed documents. I had got my wife's Aadhar card as the ID proof and Voter’s card as the address proof. Got them photocopied and wife signed on them as the scooter was purchased on her name. 

There was a queue of about 10-12 people at counter 2. The queue was moving very slowly. My wife joined the queue. When there were about 5 people ahead of her, a person with a khaki dress came and started checking the papers of all the people in the queue. When he checked our papers, he asked to get a valid Identity proof like a Passport or PAN card or Driving License or Matric certificate. Though my wife argued that Aadhar card is mentioned as a valid identity proof, he did not buy into it.

So we went home and came back with her Matric certificate and made a photocopy of it. Again stood in the queue. It was almost 11 AM and this time the queue was short. Only 3-4 people were ahead. The clerk took all the documents and verified them in the system. He asked for Rs 400 as fees. The actual fees is Rs 395. He however did not return the change of Rs 5. He gave back 2 receipts. One was a receipt for Rs 395 and the other was another  token. Wife asked the clerk where do we go next and he said HSRP.  We figured out HSRP is short for the High Security Registration Plate.

We looked around and found another cabin with for the number plate. There was no queue there. We went and gave the token and he asked for Rs 250. I saw that it was only Rs 245 for 2 wheeler number plate. I understood that he would not return the balance. We paid him the money and he scribbled paid in the token and told us to collect the number plate in a few days. Wife asked him where we go next. So, the told to go for digital picture and digital signature capture. 

This was again a small cabin inside the RTA office in a small flat. There was again a queue of 10-12 people waiting. Wife stood in queue and finally they took her picture and gave her digital signature. They again verified the original Matric certificate, Aadhar card and Voter card and then returned back all the documents that were collected at counter 2.

Next we had to go for vehicle verification. It was in a ground beside the RTA office. There was another man in khaki police uniform. We gave him the papers. He noted down our contact number and vehicle chassis and engine number on one of the forms. Then he asked us to get a pencil imprint of the vehicle on a piece of paper. Luckily, there was another man who had a pencil. We borrowed it and I took the pencil imprint and gave it to the police man.

Then for verification, he asked me to read out the chassis number. I read it out. Don’t know what he verified but he said it is ok!

The he asked me to go to the other side and read another number below the stand. I read it out and he said ok!

Then, he told that we will get the message by end of the day and the RC card will reach by post in about 15 days time. 

The HSRP availability will be messaged through SMS and we have to bring the vehicle to RTA to fix the same.

The overall process was over in about 40-45 minutes.

True to his word, I got SMS for the vehicle number on the same evening.

After about 4-5 days, we received another SMS to collect the number plate. I went to the same cabin and showed him the SMS. The boy over there asked me to sign on a register with a few details (sl no, date, registration number etc) and fixed both the number plates to the scooter. He asked for some tips and I gave him Rs 50.

About 2 weeks later, the RC card came by registered post.

Hope this post will help others who are going to register their vehicle. Thanks!


  1. Hey

    I read your blog and did my registration on my own, but did not get any sms tell now. Is there any way out.

    1. Please wait for a couple of days. If you still do not get the SMS for vehicle number, you can visit the RTA office and enquire

  2. I have to go o for my vehicle registration. The process you explained very clearly. Thank you so much.


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