Morning Walk

The Freshness of the morning!

A morning walk is one of the best forms of exercise. It helps give a head start to your day ahead by giving you a boost of endorphin, the happiness hormone. You can do your morning walk either as a group, or you can walk alone. Wear comfortable shoes and weather appropriate dress. Wear warm clothes in a winter morning and carry an umbrella in monsoon
Here are broadly 2 ways in which you can enjoy your morning walk alone:
  1. Walk mindfully, observing the surroundings, peacefully, without a thought:
·         Look around you - see the greenery of the trees, watch the myriad hues of the morning sky with the infant sun rising across the horizon and observe birds, insects and animals.
·         Hear the different sounds of the morning - the birds chirping, the wind blowing gently caressing your face, the leaves rustling or temple bells ringing in the distance.
·         Feel the morning chill against your skin in winter or the warm rays of the morning sun piercing your face and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.
·         Smell the fragrance of the early morning air or the beautiful flowers or the wet soil.

   2. Walk with intention and being engaged doing any one or more of these:
·         Identify and count the birds or trees or animals that you see.
·         Listen to music / audio books
·         Say your prayers or repeat your personal mantra
·         Count your steps, count your blessings, say your affirmations,
·         Assess your goals and plan your day.
        Ponder on life

Good Morning

Good Morning 

Mornings are always serene, silent and beautiful. Our daily life starts in the morning. As they say, morning shows the day. If your morning is positive, purposeful and productive, a good day will naturally follow. You may wonder what is the good morning wish that you would say. But before I come to that, lets take a moment to think why the morning wish is so important.

A wish conveys your desire, your belief and your thoughts. You are what you think. Your thoughts are molded over time to become action. You seed the universe with your desires and thoughts. So, starting with a positive intention is very important. And this intention should not only be for yourself, but also for others. When we cheerfully smile and say good morning to someone, we pass on the positive thoughts to them. This can light up someone and pep them up. Hence, it is important.

Now, you may think saying the same good morning to a person you meet everyday becomes trite. You want to break the routine. You can add a question or remark after saying Good Morning. Good Morning Jon - How are you doing today? or Good Morning Sara - It is such a beautiful day today. You could even say good morning in different languages, like Namaste, Namaskar or Vannakam.

It is not what you say, but how you say the wish is important. You have to be cheerful, positive and say it with purpose. Greeting everyone is a habit. And greeting everyone is one of the best habits that you can form for yourself. Go ahead - Smile, say Hi, Hello, Hola, Good Morning or Good afternoon, give a firm handshake or fistbump - say few positive words and see how the world responds.