The Picnic

There were large green trees all round in the wooded area. And the large trees created a mesmerizing effect with the sunlight playing hide and seek beneath the large boughs creating a motion picture of light and shadow on the ground. If you looked up, you could see thousand suns shining brightly through the green foliage. Many birds were chirping happily oblivious to the fact that we had invaded their space. Nature is always accommodating. The trees, birds, sun, earth, rocks, all of them welcome us without any inhibition. They give us all that they have without reservation and without demanding anything in return. It is only Man that needs its own pound of flesh from everyone.
It was for the first time for we had come for a picnic at this place. It was away from the city, in middle of nowhere. The place did not even have a name. But I loved it. We jumped out of the van and started exploring the place.
From the distance, we could hear a gurgling sound. Attracted by it, we went in that direction to check where this sound was coming from. A few hundred yards beyond the huge trees, there was a rocky area and over the huge black rocks, a stream flowed peacefully.  It was chuckling away its own song while tumbling over the black rocks below the green tree tops. It was such a serene song that there was no need for any language to understand it.  This place urged a closer examination.
Jumping over the rocks, we went to the where the spring was flowing. It was not very deep. On the edge of the spring, we could see clear still water. There were some minnows swimming happily in swarms. Few brown and yellow leaves from the trees above were floating on the water aimlessly. Through the transparent water, we could see the black rocks formed the base of the small pool. Further towards the opposite side of the stream, the water flowing in a gentle pace downstream. The play of sunlight on the water through the canopy above was captivating. This was unmatched beauty and unmatched experience. Nature was at its best. Everything there had its own place in the world. Each movement synchronized by the natural clock. No one was running after anything or pushing anything. There was nothing to achieve. No goals. No targets. No one was needed to tell us that these experiences in life are to be treasured and savored.
Tossing my slippers aside, I dipped my left foot inside the was so unbelievably cold. I was afraid to go inside. Others were also trying to stay out of the water. Suddenly there was a commotion and a push and one guy was inside the water. Next I realize that someone pushes me and I make a shrill noise before landing in the water.
The coldness engulfed me and for a minute or two I felt numb all over. I was inside the water and unable to breathe or shout. The chillness was permeating through my skin and getting inside my bones. I tried to mumble and flayed my hands and legs to draw attention. No one seemed to care. I was restless. I felt as if I would drown. My end was imminent. In a last ditch effort, I gave all I had to take my head out of the water and clumsily sat upon my legs to catch my breath. Sweat was dripping from my head. I wiped it off my face to soak in the surroundings. I was wide awake in the middle of the night, sitting on my bed, just having returned from a picnic in my dreams.

When was the last time

When was the last time that you scribbled away on a pristine white wall to glory till someone had to snatch the pencil away from your hand
When was the last time you smeared chocolate all over your hands, face, wall and dress and anything else that you could land

When was the last time you put on your left shoe on the right foot and right shoe on left and put up a smile as if you have conquered the Everest

When was the last time that that you were mortally afraid of a pigeon fluttering its wings, trying to fly and at the same time eager  to go near it and see it brood her egg

When was the last time you ran to the front door with a sense of urgency to check who is there, exhorting someone to open the door, when anyone came calling

When was the last time you attacked every bit of news paper and magazine that you found as if it was your worst enemy and destroyed it by shredding

When was the last time you ran away from the room when you were offered a glass of milk to drink and you did not want to drink it anyway

When was the last time you crept lovingly up the lap of someone having some snacks and pleaded for a morsel of the food in your own way

When was the last time you picked up the phone and spoke to an imaginary person at the other end for some time, finally ending the call saying “ok, bye" and putting the phone down.
When was the last time you used the living room for what it is meant for - playing and enjoying life, scattering on the floor all the toys and every bit of any movable item that you could find, created and wondered at the beautiful mess, oblivious to your mother’s frown
When was the last time you decided that the utmost bliss in life is to play in the bath tub, splash water with gay abandon, and resist with mind and body when anyone tries to pull you out of your goodtime
When was the last time you lived in the present, enjoyed the moment, no hoot for past or a care for future, no goals, no targets, no worries, no fear, just life sublime
When was the last time you lived, you loved, you laughed, you learnt every hour, every minute
When was the last time you became a curious 2 year old with a loving attitude to match it

Keep Trying

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better - Samuel Beckett
Every day is a series of effort towards our goal. We may succeed or fail in our attempt.  A string of failure in our life pushes us back. It makes us lose the joie de vivre. It makes us listless.  
How to encounter adversities in life but still not yield to them?
How do we bounce back every time we are pushed down?
How to develop resilience in character?
The resilience in character comes about by going through life's experiences and then reflecting upon them, analyzing their impact, and imbibing the learning in life. Working towards a greater mission in life and having passion for our goal also helps building resilience.
Each failure is a stepping stone towards success. And we should not fail to learn the lesson from each of the failure. Each failure adds to our knowledge of knowing one way of how things can go wrong.  So long as we fail better, we can feel better.
Keep trying.