Ham and Eggs

A Pig and a Chicken met at a bar. They became very good friends over a few drinks. Over a glass of beer they would discuss many things about life, work and love. One day, the Chicken proposed to the Pig, "Why dont we strike out on our own?". "Thats a good idea", said the Pig. They debated over what could they come up with. They were smitten by the entreprenuership bug. After a few more evenings, they decided, they would open a restaurant. They started searching for a name for their start-up. The Chicken proposed, "Why don't we name it Ham & Eggs?". Both were quite satisfied with the name and left for the night.

The next evening, the Pig came to the bar, very sad and disheartened. The Chicken was in his jovial mood. When the Chicken asked the Pig what was the reason for his mood, the Pig said, "See, in our project, you are just involved. But I am committed". The Chicken could not understand, so he demanded an explanation. The Pig said, "Look, for the eggs, you will come, lay an egg, cackle and make a hue and cry about it and leave. But I will have to give my life to get the Ham".

Well, it may so happen that in your projects, you will have Chickens and Pigs - people who are just involved and people who are committed. What type of people do you want to be in the projects?

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