Keep Trying

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better - Samuel Beckett
Every day is a series of effort towards our goal. We may succeed or fail in our attempt.  A string of failure in our life pushes us back. It makes us lose the joie de vivre. It makes us listless.  
How to encounter adversities in life but still not yield to them?
How do we bounce back every time we are pushed down?
How to develop resilience in character?
The resilience in character comes about by going through life's experiences and then reflecting upon them, analyzing their impact, and imbibing the learning in life. Working towards a greater mission in life and having passion for our goal also helps building resilience.
Each failure is a stepping stone towards success. And we should not fail to learn the lesson from each of the failure. Each failure adds to our knowledge of knowing one way of how things can go wrong.  So long as we fail better, we can feel better.
Keep trying.

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