How to Look Good through Good habits


Good habits are difficult to form but make life easy. Bad habits are easy to form, but make life difficult. 

How can good habits to make one fit and look beautiful. While, I cannot say if any habits can make one beautiful from outside, there are certain practices that can make you beautiful from inside. 

Develop a morning routine. I typically follow this routine :

1.  Wake up early in the morning at 5:00 am 
2.   Drink 2 big glasses of water
3.  Meditate for 10 minutes 
4.  Practice affirmations and visualization of my goals
5.  Write and review my goals for the day
6.   Read something motivational 
7.   Go for a run. I run 5 km in about 30 minutes. 

By 7:00 am, I am done with my morning routine. This routine helps me prepare myself for the day, keeps me mentally, spiritually and physically fit. 

If your goal is just to reduce weight, my suggestion would be to do only 3 things, wake up early, review your goals, go for a work out or exercise or for a walk. What kind of exercise or work out you do would depend on your taste and ability. Generally, you have to start small. For example, if you choose running as your preferred exercise, start by walking. Over a period of a month, gradually move to running. Follow any walk to run program. 

Only with exercise, it may not be possible to reduce weight unless you look at your diet. Do not increase your food intake when you start exercising. Avoid all outside food and stick to home made food. 

Keep a journal of your daily workout and daily food intake. Review the same every week to see how you are doing. 

The key to sustaining a habit is discipline. Key to discipline is motivation. Keep your motivation high by reading up books, articles and posts on physical fitness. Form a group of like minded people on Facebook and post your workout. Encourage others to post their workouts. Form a small tribe of people or friends who help and push each other to achieve your fitness goal. 

It is a time taking process. But slowly and steadily, you will see progress and reduce your weight. 

Have food on time.  Sleep early in the night and do not stay awake for late in night . This is one of the prime causes of pimples. Drink lots of water and eat at least 1 fruit every day. This will help with reducing pimples. Avoid stress. Do meditation in the morning if possible. 

Groom your self well. Always wear clean clothes, clean and polished shoes, well trimmed and combed hair, clean shaven or trimmed face and have clean and trimmed nails. 
How well you dress makes a lot of impact on how you feel. Always buy good clothes. 

Now, to make yourself beautiful, help other people. Seriously. Serve others. Volunteer to help out the old lady next door in bringing the grocery for her. Or go to a hospital and help poor patients. Donate your old clothes and books to the orphanage. Invite someone to your house for dinner.

Finally, practice Gratitude and Forgiveness. These will make you beautiful from inside and then, it will reflect on your outside. 

Remember, any external change starts internally first. Believe that you can change, you will. 

All the best for your transformation!!

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