5 Tips for a Great Blog

Blogging Rules

I am by no means a great blogger. There are national and international professionals in blogging. I am just an amateur who likes to dabble in this for fun.  Since I have been blogging for quite some time, I have read many blogs of various genres and here are some of my thoughts on how to have a better blog

1.  Language is the prime tool in a bloggers kit - absolutely unpardonable if it is not robust. Good language, as per me, does not mean usage of heavy words, complex sentence structure and a bizarrely woven plot; but it is one with small, simple sentences, correct spelling, and grammar. I see spelling mistakes in posts of many amateur bloggers. I am sure they are typos which could be rectified with a review. 

2.   Alignment of posts makes the presentation look much professional. Try to experiment with different alignments and figure out which suits your blog. I prefer a justified alignment.

3.   Giving a double line space between paragraphs in the article is a good idea. It helps the reader navigate through your article easily and understand the transition between various ideas.

The root cause for all the three ills mentioned above, seems to me, is that amateur bloggers probably start writing directly on the blogger editor. Also they do their edits there itself. A simpler idea would be to use something like MS Word to draft, edit, re-edit and polish the article, do a spell and grammar check, do proper alignment, and them post it in the blogger. Professionals use software like scrivener. But for mortals like us, Bill Gates’ product is good enough.

4.   Before you tell anyone anything, there is one story that you need to tell them all. Unless you clarify that question in others mind, no one is really going to listen to whatever you say, or in your case, read and believe whatever you blog. That question is "Who am I". Hence, I suggest you should have a nice description of yourself and your world in the About Me/ Profile section. This will help readers to form an image and connection to you.

5. You may also consider adding some social media widgets on your page. Blogger provides many such options as Google+, facebook, twitter  - widgets and many other funky ones as well. I personally prefer a minimalistic approach. But again it depends on what the purpose of your blog is and what is your adopted method to achieve the goal. I guess that would be a good blog post by itself.

Hope my ramblings have not irritated you. Do give your feedback on the comment section.


Thanks for reading my blog. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!