Enjoy the little things

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
These days, when we keep rushing to fill our hours with as much action that we can pack, our homes with as much possessions as we can and our bank account with as much balance as we can, every one remains busy all the time and everyone is exhausted all the time. There is no time for anyone to stand and stare so to say. We have our big dreams and this time should be productively used to propel us towards our dream. And we remain focused towards our dream, with our complete attention on that big goal. But in this process of trying to achieve it, we miss out the opportunity to enjoy the small joys that life has to offer every moment.
Our priorities are misplaced. We do not value to fill our days with love, hours with laughter, and enjoy the living minute. We forget to cherish moment or even observe it. We do not care to observe the way the small boy in the elevator laughs or the gratitude in the eyes of that old homeless man to whom you tossed a coin or the way the water we drink taste. Sometimes, we forget even to acknowledge presence of others around us. We are so focused on our passion!
There comes a time in life when all our dreams are through. We have either achieved them or buried them or we have tried but could not and they are dead, or we chased new dreams and forgot the old ones in the pursuit of new dreams. If we achieve our dreams, we leave a legacy for others. If we do not achieve, we may not. But what is it that we gain from the pursuit?  At the end of the day, when one has some time to reflect back and take stock of what one have gained from the pursuit, one feels that the journey was important, not the destination. And that should be our priority. The journey comprises of a string of little things in life, one after another. It comprises of each small interaction we have, the way we talk with others, the way we listen, we see, we understand, and the way we maintain friendship and relationships. Each moment is to be tasted, savored and enjoyed. Finally, our life is a tapestry of these moments. At the end of the day, these small things are the ones which bring fulfillment to everyone. And thus these are but the big things in life.

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