Like a Postage Stamp

I have been trying to write something for the last 2 hours. Initially, it was difficult for me to come up with a proper topic to write about. The first article that I churned out was a write-up on the traffic jam that was witnessed near the Hi-tech city railway station underpass, last Monday. After spending a good part of an hour on it, I did not like the way it was shaping up.  So, instead of discarding it, I just managed to get it to a logical conclusion and again started thinking on other topics to write about.
What are the topics that I can write about? I can write about the weather at Hyderabad. I can write about the antics of my little daughter. I can write about the happy and fulfilling moments in life. Or the frustrations and insecurities in life. Or may be an imaginative story. Or a story heard from someone else. Thus, there are innumerable topics on which I can write.  Since I was still confused thinking about what to write , I decided to come back to the raison d’ĂȘtre for this blog to get a dose of clarity.
One of the main reasons to start this blog is to document my journey to the new me. I have been working on establishing some habits and on de-addicting myself from some habits. This journey started more than a year ago, when I decided to take charge of my physical health. I decided to get some healthy habits. Now that a habit of running has been established, I am focusing on getting some more good habits. I will document it here. Hence this blog.
There is a second raison d’ĂȘtre as well that has to do with one my childhood dreams. When I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a multi-faceted person. I dreamt of becoming a scientist, industrialist, politician, writer, environmentalist, zoologist and many more. It was anything that captured my fancy at that time. I couldn’t understand why should someone just have one professional interest? As I grew up, the zeal to become a writer stayed with me. I wrote few articles while in school. I also maintained a journal for more than 10 years. Then with advent of blogosphere, I tried my hand there too. But I was not consistent. Today, I am a writer who is trying to be a more committed and better writer. To do anything, one has to be like a postage stamp. Stick to the envelope till it reaches its destination. The small postage stamp is the one which pushes the envelope so to say, to reach the final destination. If the stamp is not there, the letter will not be delivered. The stamp provides the power, the thrust for the envelope to move. Hence, I decided to pursue stickitivity. I made the decision that I will stick to posting a blog every Saturday for one year. This will help improve my writing skills. And what better way to get committed to it than to make it public!
So, coming back to the main topic of what to write when you do not have anything to write, or when you feel you have nothing to do, you can always go back to the raison d'etre and then build up from there. If the reasons for your mission are clear and important to you, you will remain motivated and persist in your stickitivity which will lead you to your goal!

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