Think More, Say More, Do More

From childhood, we have been conditioned to say less. "Keep quiet" is what our teachers tell us in classroom. Stop chattering is what our elders tell us. You have been given two ears and one mouth. Hence listen more and speak less. This speak less dictum has so permeated our lives that we remain mute spectators even when someone perpetrates injustice. We remain silent observers when someone is victimized. Yes indeed, we need to Say More. Saying more may not directly translate to speaking more. It would rather translate to airing our views and opinions on various issues.
Words emerge from our thoughts. It is the distilled thoughts that form concrete words. Now, to say more, we need to think more. Think right and think more. Sometimes, thinking is a difficult thing to do. We shun it. We speak without thinking. And then repent. Hence think more.
Again, action speaks louder than words. Hence we should do more. Do more of what we love to do. Do more of what interests us. Do more to help others. Do more than we are required to do.
Think More, Say More, Do More.
This blog is inspired from an essay by RaamDev, writer and explorer, on Say More.

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