How Winners Are Made

It is here. It is now. Never before was the time, never again will this time come. It is this fleeting minute that has to be seized. Action has to be taken. Action is the consummation of a moment. Action is the propeller towards our goals. Without action, nothing is possible. Achieving any goal, small or large, needs persistent action, every minute and hour, day after day, week after week and months together, depending on the magnitude of the goal.
All large goals can be broken down to smaller chunks of actionable targets, that are achievable and within reach. Completing smaller targets gives a boost to the confidence and makes the larger goal look feasible. Small wins breaks the ice. It dispels inertia. It urges us to pursue the next target. It develops the winner's mentality. 
The power of action comes from the fuel of thought. Positive thoughts coupled with motivation produces the right action. Each time we take the action against various odds; it instills discipline and over a period of time forms a pattern that is morphed into a habit.
So, have a goal. Break it down. Take action now. Reach the target. There may be some failures as well. It is inevitable. Reflect on each failure. Do course correction. Collect small wins. Series of small wins leads to large victories. This is how winners are made.


  1. Very well said Brajadulal. A big goal and small wins are crucial in life. But, the show must go on and then I am sure small wins can make us big.


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