The Fire Triangle

Have you ever thought about the fire triangle of your life?
A fire triangle is a simple model to understand the necessary ingredients for most fires. It has the three elements needed to ignite a fire. The elements are: Fuel, Heat and Oxygen. A fire cannot start and sustain without the presence of any of these three elements. Without heat and oxygen, a fire cannot begin and continue. Without fuel, the fire will stop.  A fire ignites and sustains only when these three elements are available in the right proportion.
Similarly, within each of us, we need to have the fire triangle of the purpose, passion and persistence to achieve our goals.
Without a concrete purpose and the self-disciplined persistence, the journey towards our dream will stall even before it starts. Without passion, the journey will be listless and will stop mid-way. But, with the correct mixture of these ingredients, we can ignite and sustain the pursuit of our dream and we can move swiftly towards achieving our goals. 
Discover your purpose and persist with passion to achieve your goals!

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