I am back to blogging after a long hiatus. It is almost after 2 months that I had time and inclination to write. It is not true that I did not have inclination. Actually the whole of February I was extremely busy travelling and with work that I could not find time to write. Its again not true that I could not find time. It was a matter of priority among many other pressing things. It is certain that I did not prioritize my writing over the other things that I had to do over the last couple of months.
I was in Pune on an official trip in late February for a week. On the day that I was to return, I felt a general malaise throughout the morning. Around noon, I could feel my temperature rising. By evening one or two blisters come out on my face. But I did not realize anything much till I reached home. At home I saw several blisters on my body and a couple on my face. That put me thinking and then I Googled a bit. I figured out that these were the symptoms of chickenpox.
Chickenpox is a common viral disease which is very contagious and spreads through air and touch. Spring time is when it is most common. And most people believe that it affects only children. The fact is it can affect anyone who did not have it ever earlier in life.  But if it attacks anyone once, that person develops immunity for it for the rest of the life. Though not a life threatening disease, it is quite painful and irritating. The entire body is covered with painful blisters for almost a week and towards the end of it, they form scabs which are very itchy.
I had a lot of work at office. Though out of office for 3 weeks, I kept working from my sick-bed at home and managed to keep all my deadlines. But chickenpox actually makes you very weak. I felt very sleepy and was sleeping quite often and almost 12 - 15 hours a day. By the third week, most of the crusts had fallen off. I went to office one day, but felt quite tired. So, I took the next few days off. Now I feel better and will be able to go to continue my regular routine.
My running had stopped for the time being. Today, I resumed the same and ran 2 Km in the evening. I ran at a slow pace and felt ok. May be I will try a 3k tomorrow morning.
As luck would have it, when I am recovering now, wifey is now down with chickenpox. It is the 9th day for her and she will take another 9 -10 days to recover completely.

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