The 3Ds

Dream Discipline Dedication

In a book that I read recently, there was this interesting idea. It said, to achieve something, you need these 3 things - A vision, discipline around it and passion. In other words, it could be called the 3Ds.

First D stands for Dream. It is the vision that you see of the future. Everything starts with a dream. Dream is the goal. It tells us where we want to go. But unfortunately, this world is full of people lying asleep, doing nothing with high dreams. So, dreams alone will not help you achieve what you want.

The next D is Discipline. It means rigorous practice, doing whatever is required, when it is required, at regular intervals, irrespective of whether you feel like doing it or not. For a designer, it could be a daily practice of your technical skills for an hour or reading on new design concepts for an hour and so on. This is like putting your whole mind and body into your goal.

But only those 2D 's are still not enough. You need a third D. It is dedication or passion. One has to be fully dedicated to the goal. No moonlighting. Dedication means bringing in your heart. But, if someone is dedicated, but not disciplined, the goal cannot be achieved.

Thus you need the 3D to achieve your goals. Do you have all the three?

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