Morning Walk

The Freshness of the morning!

A morning walk is one of the best forms of exercise. It helps give a head start to your day ahead by giving you a boost of endorphin, the happiness hormone. You can do your morning walk either as a group, or you can walk alone. Wear comfortable shoes and weather appropriate dress. Wear warm clothes in a winter morning and carry an umbrella in monsoon
Here are broadly 2 ways in which you can enjoy your morning walk alone:
  1. Walk mindfully, observing the surroundings, peacefully, without a thought:
·         Look around you - see the greenery of the trees, watch the myriad hues of the morning sky with the infant sun rising across the horizon and observe birds, insects and animals.
·         Hear the different sounds of the morning - the birds chirping, the wind blowing gently caressing your face, the leaves rustling or temple bells ringing in the distance.
·         Feel the morning chill against your skin in winter or the warm rays of the morning sun piercing your face and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.
·         Smell the fragrance of the early morning air or the beautiful flowers or the wet soil.

   2. Walk with intention and being engaged doing any one or more of these:
·         Identify and count the birds or trees or animals that you see.
·         Listen to music / audio books
·         Say your prayers or repeat your personal mantra
·         Count your steps, count your blessings, say your affirmations,
·         Assess your goals and plan your day.
        Ponder on life

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