Good Morning

Good Morning 

Mornings are always serene, silent and beautiful. Our daily life starts in the morning. As they say, morning shows the day. If your morning is positive, purposeful and productive, a good day will naturally follow. You may wonder what is the good morning wish that you would say. But before I come to that, lets take a moment to think why the morning wish is so important.

A wish conveys your desire, your belief and your thoughts. You are what you think. Your thoughts are molded over time to become action. You seed the universe with your desires and thoughts. So, starting with a positive intention is very important. And this intention should not only be for yourself, but also for others. When we cheerfully smile and say good morning to someone, we pass on the positive thoughts to them. This can light up someone and pep them up. Hence, it is important.

Now, you may think saying the same good morning to a person you meet everyday becomes trite. You want to break the routine. You can add a question or remark after saying Good Morning. Good Morning Jon - How are you doing today? or Good Morning Sara - It is such a beautiful day today. You could even say good morning in different languages, like Namaste, Namaskar or Vannakam.

It is not what you say, but how you say the wish is important. You have to be cheerful, positive and say it with purpose. Greeting everyone is a habit. And greeting everyone is one of the best habits that you can form for yourself. Go ahead - Smile, say Hi, Hello, Hola, Good Morning or Good afternoon, give a firm handshake or fistbump - say few positive words and see how the world responds.

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