Be a club officer, run a company!

Is the time for Toastmaster club elections, members would be selecting the best possible candidate to lead our club. These selected individuals would form the executive committee and would lead the club for the next term.

A club is a microcosm of an organization or a company. Being a club officer is like running a company. As there are different function heads in a company with their own teams, in the club, we have the different officers with the various committees under each.
Just like in your organization, you have a CEO, the club is led by the President. He has the supreme authority and power. He sets the vision of the club and shows the direction where the club has to go.

The vice president education is like the chief people officer or HR head. He is responsible for overall people development. He overseas all the operations of the club, schedules who will do what and when and certifies when the members have reached their goals.

The vice president membership is akin to the sales head of your company. He is responsible to convert visitors to the club to members of a club. This is just like the sales head of a company getting a new customer.

The vice president public relations is like the advertisement and marketing head of a company. He is responsible to get the word out to the public and increase the footfall in the club.

The treasurer is the finance head of the club. He handles all receipts and payments for the club. He also prepares the budget and maintains the accounts of the club.

The Secretary is like the administration head of the company. He maintains all records and presents them as needed.

Finally the Sergeant at Arms is like the facility management head of your company. He arranges all logistics and set up for the club.

Thus, if you want to experience how to run a small organization, stand up, nominate yourself and be a club officer. As a club officer, with respect to all, integrity to your word, an attitude of service and striving for excellence, you will be a true leader. Today you learn how to run the club. Tomorrow, you will be confident to fly high and run your own company!!

p.s: This was an article that I wrote and it was published in the Toastmasters District 98 Newsletter for May 2016


  1. Did not know running a club is so complex. Thank you for sharing. What does a toastmaster club do?

    1. Toastmasters is a club to practice public speaking skills. Running a cub can be quite simple or very complex depending on how formal the members want to make it. Thanks for stopping by.


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