Book Review - Training Camp - Jon Gordon

Training Camp - This is the third book from Jon Gordon, that I read this year. The book is again a management and motivational book written in the form of a story. The plot is very simple. A budding football player joins a training camp. He is bothered with self doubts, personal problems and an injury as well.

In the training camp, he meets a coach and several other folks, who take care of him well. The coach starts giving him lessons, day by day, while he recuperates from his injury and practices for his big game for selection.

He learns the following lessons:
  1.        The best know what they want
  2.        The best want it more
  3.        The best are always striving to get better
  4.        The best do ordinary things better than everyone else
  5.        The best zoom focus
  6.        The best are mentally stronger
  7.        The best overcome their fear
  8.        The best seize the moment
  9.        The best tap into a greater power than themselves
  10.        The best leave a legacy
  11.        The best make everyone around them better

While the story progresses, Martin, learns each of the lessons and keeps introspecting and improving himself. Finally, he gets selected in the last game and is able to raise money to treat his ailing mother. Later, he take up the cause to spread the above lessons among school children.

Like other Jon Gordon books, this a very light read. You can easily finish it off in a day and feel good about the message. There is nothing new in the lessons. But the presentation is good and it gives you dose of positivity. My verdict – Readable, give it a try. You will not regret!

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