Why I Run


The alarm woke me up at 5am. It was dark. A faint light streaked into the room through the window. As I was lying there, a struggle was going on within me. One strong  voice was beckoning me to stay on the bed, while there was a feeble one asking me to go out for my run. I asked the strong voice why should I stay back? Take some rest, he said. You have been running like crazy for the past several months. You deserve a break. What would happen if you do not run? The other voice was meek and weak. It didn't try to reason or give any justification. It just said something about feeling good after the run. I pondered on it. Yes, waking up early every morning is a big price. But the feeling that you get after the run is priceless.

The strong voice was still going on and on. I stopped listening and headed out.... 

Now, feeling blissful!!! 

This is why .. I run.

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